Change Slider Styles (CompanyLaw)

CompanyLaw (Pro) comes with a number of pre-designed styles for the slider text. These can be added using a class system, so the style for each slide can be changed without touching any code at all. The class system allow for both the position of the text to be changed and also the style. For example the text can be positioned to the left, center or right side of the page.

The following layout classes can be added:

  • slider-left (align text to left of slider)
  • slider-right (align text to right of slider)
  • slider-center (align text to center of slider)
  • slider-half (text will align left and wrap at 50% of slider width)
  • slider-middle (text will align left, but from the center of the slider)

The following style classes can be added:

To start customizing the style of a slider in the ThinkUpSlider follow the steps below:

  • Go to the theme options panel and select Homepage. Scroll to Homepage Slider.
  • Expand the toggle field for the slide you want to customize.
  • In the Style Classes input field add the style / layout class you want to use.
  • To use both a layout and style class ensure these are comma separated (e.g. slider-right, style3).